Learning to Live and Making Mistakes

Learning to live fully is an art form.  When you start to realize that you are in control? Your whole live will transform.

Because this is a claryvoiant site, I’m struggling at the moment to figure out what I will post here.   I have a website in the makings for this site and I understand that there are people that are use to coming here and seeing something different.

Bernadette’s Vision is still active and going.  Unfortunately, the clairvoyant part of it is on hold.

Once I get things running here, it is my hope that you return to find things to help yourself understand your position in this world and why you are hear reading this post in the first place.

Some of you let your life get out of control.  Some of you are entertaining yourselves and some of you are sad, depressed and searching for answers.  It’s pretty tough to not know what to do with yourself.

Many people try to find out what to do out side of within themselves.  This isn’t the best…but what do I know. I’m guilty of the same stuff.

Bernadette’s vision actually has some history to it and it is that which I will post of next.

I wanted  to make sure to post something at least every week and continue to improve upon my skills to help this site.

One day it will go back to being a clairvoyant site you can order a service from but for now, I’m building it.  Helping it get better and then it will one day go back to a very deserving person.

If you are that person reading this post, I look forward to helping you on your journey.


Stay tuned because your life is about to change with mine.


Currently I am working on some lessons that have taught me to build websites.  Your site happens to be on of them.  I’m also helping a local business owner near me and I hope to help him become a stronger person as well.   I will be sure to document it on this blog.

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