Some people say we all have a sixth sense.

As a matter of a fact, being a teacher, I recently had an experience where I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt what was going to occur and it did.

IN an instant of clairvoyance I was able to accurately predict the actions that another would take and it ended up changing my life forever.

Now I know that some of you out there reading this are thinking I’m crazy.

It’s ok. I get that a lot….but…the thing is..(and the only thing that really matters)  is that I’m not.

How do you know that the crazy that you see isn’t my way of protecting myself from you getting too close?  Perhaps it is I that is actually “running the show” so to speak and you’re believing it.

What is crazy?  To know what you are doing and to act upon it?  Or is It crazier to sit back and try to figure out what someone else is up to while your own life runs amuck?

I’d much rather be seen as the crazy person (and know that I am taking strategic steps on a daily basis to better my life) than to be the person who spends his or her time judging someone’s else s actions and being stuck in life.  THAT, my friends, is crazy.

It is insane to not care about yourself more than others.  …for it is ONLY when you TAKE CARE of the body that houses your soul and your soul that nurtures the world that you are able to even remotely come close to helping another being on the planet.

NO ONE wants a used up and washed out rickety and torn bucket.  They don’t work and I’d never try to use it to carry water (lets call water …knowledge).

So we are surround by water (knowledge) in the world of how to be happier and we are offered buckets (of advice) to help us carry this water so that we can accumulate more.  If someone hands you a rickety bucket (their brain /soul/ body not feed and loved properly) You and I both know you wouldn’t take it. You’d seek something better.

So I say to you….DO NOT try to hand someone your rickety bucket until you clean it and love it and that means you have to take care of YOU FIRST.

Once you do that, your world opens up to offer all sorts of wonderful things to it! time…I’ll tell you about my clairvoyant experience…I’m outta time today.

In the meantime…Think about your bucket and how annoying you must sound to others if you don’t take care of it. :

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