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The Secret

I just watched the Secret and I couldn’t be even more convinced that having visions and being a visionary is not about being a crazy person walking the streets.

Being a 2016 visionary is seeing the future and then taking the steps (I believe) to make it happen.  It’s not magic…it’s just that I know a secret!

I actually have known this secret for quite some time and I had no idea it was a secret until I watched the movie “The Secret” just the other day.

I was totally engulfed in it because it’s how I life my life (for the most part) and it showed me that I wasn’t along in what I have thought (which makes me feel alienated at times) and as a matter of a fact, it’s a secret that HUGE LARGE names in history have known.

One of my most favorite of all times mentor (from his life experiences and his writings) is Martin Luther King, Jr..

Here’s a quote from the movie:

“Take the first step in Faith.

You Don’t Have To See the Whole Staircase,

Just Take The First Step.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

I don’t remember when it was, but somewhere in my life I learned this.  It might have been when I was young and my father choked me, ran after me with a belt or held a gun to my head (I’m not sure if he did the gun part, but I have a picture that pretty much implements him), killed my pets and threatened to kill my mother.

Maybe it was somewhere in all that “adversity” that I learned to just keep moving (sometimes trudging) through life.

I wasn’t always hopping around with a skip in my step…but there was a marked event where the skip in my step came remarkably into existence and it changed my life forever.

I have to give credit to a man named Sonny Adkins or Sonny Atkins for this.  I was 12 and he was 20 something (I think) and he smiled every day for two weeks at me. He let me run at him and cling to him in the tightest hug you could possibly imagine and he gave me time and showed me how to have fun.  He was a very very patient man.

So why is a 12 year old with a 20 year old?   It was summer camp!

I can’t begin to express my deepest gratitude for Carlisle YMCA’s Camp Thompson.

It changed me from being an introverted, leave me the hell alone and DO NOT get close and I WILL NOT show emotion kid…to one that had a zest for life and an insatiable desire to do well in school…not to please mom (although that was always part of it) but simply because that kid (me) wanted to learn and loved learning and just couldn’t go a day without learning how to soak up more of the wonders that life had.

I discovered nature and the woods and the water and creeks.

I discovered LIFE.

….and I’ve never been the same since!

So what’s all this have to do with Martin Luther KIng Jr.?   A lot.

He knew that living your best life took actions.  He knew that wallowing in the sadness of the world rather than celebrating the “steps” you can still take would lead to something bigger than this world…..AND HE WAS RIGHT.

Since that pivotal first summer camp summer, I have sworn to be insanely positive and happy and hone in on things that matter.  AS a high school kid, I didn’t party…I would go out in front of the local book store on Friday Nights and do sidewalk chalk drawing.


Because I have this gift of art. ( I have no idea why but it has been a theme in my life since forever….well..since I can remember since summer camp).  I’m talented at it and what I hate, people love.  I don’t get it and as I age…I realize I don’t have to get it….I have to share it.

It makes me happy to know that I can do something I don’t have to struggle at and Im’ naturally talented at and people appreciate and enjoy it.

It’s amazing what the world opens up to you once you open up yourself to see that first step.

I dabbled in photography one year and I made over 10 grand in 3 months part time. I know that’s much but fro my first year?  That’s fantastic.  Money wasn’t my goal. LOVE was my goal.

I wanted to capture it.  I wanted to share it. I wanted people to see the happiness I see in the world and it was magical.

I learned that if you see yourself doing something, you naturally take (and the world and people around you do too) the steps to become what you envision.

So when I saw the Secret.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that someone (lots of people!) know this secret too.

So why isn’t everyone happy?

Because of Fear.  I’ll talk about Fear next time.  You should always Feel the FEAR….but do IT anyways.   You must find a way to get through it and each time it is easier and easier.

Your life is your movie, you get to write the script. (I came up with that and I was surprised to hear a similar message in The Secret)

Finally!  I’m not alone!

If you are a morning person and look forward to growing and spiritual development (all religions welcome!) please join me as we take an adventure into this new world!  I know that we can achieve our dreams together!