How do you want to be remembered?

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to attend your own funeral?

If you are into visionary type things, it is likely that you are also into self-improvement and would like to improve you life to better for yourself and others.

Take a couple of these ideas to leave the world a little bit better before you go:

1. Be full of generosity.

You can give your time, your energy or your money in order to make the world a better place.  You can seek out some place to give to or generally, these places probably have already approached you for support.

When you take a step to generous, you set the precedence for others to follow.

Want to be more popular?  Try Generosity.   Generosity is addictive and contagious and is one of the best things to be if you desire to have the approval of others.

You get to help others and fulfill your needs at the same time.  Pay it forward is a great way to live and you will be surprised at how much of an impact you can make on someone’s life by being a generous person or leading a generous fundraising event.

Acts of kindness create domino effects of others that they hopefully follow and create a larger effect of generosity in your little place in the world.

2. Be Thankful

You are alive and you have a rich life.  Imagine for a moment that doctors, medicines and money were not around.

Imagine that you had to live in the alley and rely on the dumpsters of popular restaurants to find food at night when no one was looking.

Imagine losing your child, dog, ,spouse or companion.

Then take a look at  your full life and appreciate that you have all that you have.

You are able to live today and enjoy the life you have in any way that you want. If you are sitting and reading this article on a phone, computer or otherwise, your life is much better than a larger population in the world that suffers loses everyday.

Be grateful for the life you have been given and be sure to give back because of it.

Help those in need and help those who would not otherwise get what you are giving them.

3. Worry about yourself and your own actions.

Don’t go out in the world and compare yourself to others and how they have so much more than you.

Jealousy looks good on no one and holds so many people back.

Rather then be jealous of those who have the life you love, admire them and learn how they go to where they are and strive to do the same for yourself if that is the life you really want.

Don’t worry about losing anything, because you have everything to gain by seeing and admiring others as a lesson to become a better person in your own life.

Remember that material things do not matter nearly as much as real life friendships and valuable relationships that can sustain you for many years to come.

Feed your love and your relationships with people.

4. Be Healthy

Your body is your temple.  It is what allows you to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Treat your body cells as sacred little happy givers to your soul because that is what they are.

Eat healthy and pure and drink plenty of water to give your cells the easy nutrients it needs to break down and the water it needs to transport those nutrients efficiently through your body!

5. Feel the Fear ….then do it anyways.

Sometimes the things we fear most are the things we need to do in order to grow.

Not doing something because we are afraid to fail have taken down one too many people in this world.

Failing at things is one of the best ways for you to learn to perfect your trade or skill.  If you know what the failures feel like, you most certainly will learn ways in which to avoid these failures in the future.

Failure is a valuable learning tool and the world’s top millionaires are the best failures around.

Accept failure as a gift to help you excel even higher than you can imagine and as a way to arm you with the skills to help others achieve the same or similar goals as yourself.

Nothing beats hard work and persistence.  If you do those two things and let failures drive you further to success, then you will be successful.

6. Give others a break

Giving others the benefit of the doubt (especially before you know them yourself) can only help you live a better life and inspire others to do the same.

No one respects a person who bad mouths others.

Don’t be the negative Nancy who lives off of the gossip and voiced negative opinion making of others.

It’s just not pretty…or productive.

7. Take time for your family.

It can be irritating to stop your work flow to stop and pick up a whining baby, but you must realize that you are only given those moments now in this time.

You don’t have to get a new roof right now if the one you have is still doing it’s job.  Take a break and give your kids the attention they so desperately yearn from you….because they won’t always be asking for your to do so.

You never know when those moments can be taken away by tragedy or just time.

Living for your family and children rather than for a job will never leave you feeling regret if something should happen in your life where you lose the opportunity to ever do so again.

Don’t be that person who wished they would have done this and that before they let them go..whether it’s your children leaving for college, a tragic car accident or just old age, time is ticking and it doesn’t take your story into account.