What Happens on a Business Trip, Stays on a Business Trip

I was working in Canada the other day with a few clients of mine.

We were discussing some really interesting ideas in regards to being visionaries and how it was related to religion.

It was a wonderful time and after our business was over, we decided to go out for the night to see the town.

As the night started, we were guided by Ray, the city tour guide, who loved the whole culture of the city we were visiting.

Being on a business trip it was difficult to “let go” and really accept that the business part of my trip was over and that it was ok to have a few drinks and some fun with my clients.

It’s a hard place to be in when you can’t decide if you will offence your clients if you pass on drinking with them or if you drink with them and they think ┬áit is too much.

I finally resolved that I would have a few drinks but nothing unruly.

To my surprise, it was my client who got a little rowdy but they were openly telling me how excited they were.

I don’t mind the praise but I wonder how authentic it could have been because of the alcohol involved.

I was so grateful for the driver we had, but even with the best intentions, we still somehow ended up with a driving problem.

During our last stop of the night, the limousine we were using stopped working and there I was with my new client in the middle of almost nowhere.

Thank Goodness Ottawa Towing was around, but I can’t tell you how embarrassed my client was because we were also using his limousine company.

I was given the opportunity to use some of my life coaching skills on the spot and then my final words were: What happen on business trips, stays on business trips.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a sigh of relief.

Remember when you are working with other humans that they are indeed human no matter what type of fun or stern front they put up to you.

Always treat them the way you would want to be treated and how you would your best of friends.

Life is too short to hold on to silly mistakes and make minor problems into larger annoyances in your life.

You always have the power of perspective!

Choose to always see the world in a better light and your life will be for the better!