Staying Motivated in 2016

If you have any aspirations for 2016, it is time to get yourself in gear to accomplish your goals. Whether it’s finally to follow your dream career or travel to your dream destination, it is easy to start off in January full steam ahead. However, by February, you are ready to throw in the towel. But it is quite possible to stay motivated until you achieve what you want to do. I have listed a few tips below to keep your mojo flowing.

Things Might not Go as Planned

When you set your mind to do something, it is realistic to keep in the back of your mind that everything might not go as planned. You have to figure in that anything could go wrong to deter you from your goal. Your car could break down, you could lose your job, etc. While you don’t wish for anything like this to happen, the fact of the matter is, it could.

So what are you to do in case it does? Well, there is nothing wrong with updating plans with new ones. Let’s say you plan on going to Italy (your dream vacation), but the money you save up has to be spent on repairing your car after an accident.

While the Italy vacation is off the table, you can take a less expensive getaway. Book yourself a nice room in a five-star hotel and treat yourself to room and spa services. It might not be Italy, but when you are pampered and relaxed, you won’t feel so disappointed.

Stay Focused

 In order to stay inspired, you must keep your focus on what you want to accomplish. If you have decided to go back to school to get your degree, start making plans by figuring out what you can afford and which schools offer what you want. For those who are studying a field that is totally different, stay focus on the end game. But you have to realize that attending school as an older adult is totally different than when you did as a young adult.

I know several people who went back to school after the age of 50 to start a second career. Each of them told me that there were many times they questioned their actions. But when they became a doctor, chef, or actress, they knew their hard work wasn’t in vain. The passion they felt for their new career outweighed the doubt and uncertainty. Let your passion be your inspiration for your achievements in the new year.