party bus

Hiding out on a Party Bus.

The other day I found myself completely remembering that I have this blog and thought it was about time for an update!

My initial intentions with this blog were to write a post every day, but clearly that hasn’t happened!

Instead, I’ve been busy living life and working on my vision reading business.  With the summer here, it’s very busy.  As a matter of a fact, it’s been so busy that I actually found myself hiding out on a party bus the other day.

Say What?

I know.  It sounds crazy, but once you hear the story you will understand why it’s not as far fetched as it may sound.

party bus

My Party Bus Story

I recently have been asked to do a lot of parties for weddings, bachelor parties and the like.

It’s always fun to show up at these functions because I get a lot of first timers and it is really interesting to read so many people.

The most recent event I attended was a girl’s night out party.  It was pretty fancy!

It was a women’s birthday and they had rented a party bus for the night.  Little did I know, this party bus would be my station for the entire evening.

I rarely go out on my own or with friends, so to be in a “party” the whole night was a little intimidating but it ended up being great!

The women had the driver take them to dinner and then out to several night clubs and bars.  During the travel time and “rest time”, they would use my services.   It got so crazy that at one point they were taking my readings from one of the girls and “putting me to the test”.

They wanted to know immediate things and wanted me to tell them what was going to happen at the next bar.

Now, I am a visionary, but I most certainly do not tell the future like that.  My best work is done when everyone is sober and deep in thought.

As the night wore on, it was difficult for even me to focus because there was so much excitement and chatter.

Needless to say, I was relieved when the night was over at the Cinderella hour of midnight.

The next day, I got to thinking about how my life was impacted and realized that I had received 3 new clients, learned a lot about a pack of women in their 50’s, and came out with a new idea for my services.

How cool would it be to offer visionary services out of a party bus?

I’m thinking of buying one of these limo bus things, decking it out with my eclectic décor and traveling around doing readings.

You know, like a modern day gypsy (sort of…..I’d still like to go to a standing home with a basement foundation at the end of the day).

Does anyone out there know of anything like this?  If so, please comment below!   All I can think of is ice cream trucks and I don’t even see those so much anymore.

In my next post, I’ll talk about why I’ve been out of sorts and kind of missing for a while.

If you want to know right now, the easiest answer is this: LIFE.

Have a blessed day!